YES, Sea Vegetables are Another Super Food!

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November 13, 2017
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Did you know that sea vegetables – including seaweed – typically have about 10 times the mineral content of conventional plants? They all are very high in iodine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin K, folate, copper and powerful antioxidants. The different types vary in their offerings so it is good to vary your intake. For instance, spirulina and chlorella are high in protein and contain all essential amino acids while dried algae contain some of the most concentrated nutrients. Seaweed contains many antioxidant phytonutrients.

The Most Common Edible types of Sea vegetables include:

• Kelp
• Wakame
• Sea lettuce
• Kombu
• Arame
• Nori
• Dulse
• Chlorella
• Agar

Seaweed supports a healthy… 

  • Thyroid due to its iodine content
  • Heart due to its positive impact on blood vessel, inflammation and cholesterol
  • Gut due to its providing prebiotics and fiber
  • Immune system due to its antiviral and immune-boosting polysachharides
  • Blood sugar level due to its fucoxanthin
  • Estrogen (estradiol) level which helps fight hormone driven cancers

How to use Sea Vegetables
•     Nori Sheets (like that found in sushi) can be used as a wrap for filled with vegetables,
hummus, scrambled eggs, salmon, avocado, sprouts etc.

  • Sprinkle kelp, or dulse flakes as a seasoning on salads, soups and other foods
  • Add rehydrated kombu or wakame to your soups or beans
  • Add blue green algae, chlorella, or spirulina powders to smoothies or green drinks

***Important Note: Seaweed can also carry its share of toxins, arsenic, and other heavy metals and even potentially radiation from nuclear waste from the Fukushima meltdown depending on the area it was harvested.  Heavy metals can also accumulate in marine plants over time, creating dangerously high levels of toxins like the arsenic found in hijiki. Per the Nutritional Watch Dog, the best and safest choices are certified organically grown seaweed, such as Maine Coast or Eden Foods brands.


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