May 12, 2018
Addressing Estrogen Dominance with DIM (and not just for women!)…
June 18, 2018

Evicting Cancer was created to provide a supportive space for you and your loved ones as you traverse the challenging, unfamiliar and often overwhelming terrain created by a cancer diagnosis.

It’s designed to not only educate and empower you about your illness and treatment choices, but to compassionately show you how to realistically restructure your life to become a very inhospitable host for cancer.  And we do so in a manner that honors your individual needs, intentions and values.

Often times, standardized treatment plans inadvertently reduce a patient to a condition being treated, rather than seeing you as a unique and precious being with different needs, strengths, vulnerabilities and beliefs. Cancer coaching with Evicting Cancer gives you a level of personalized support and a scope of services rarely provided by your oncologist who typically offers a different type of expertise and function. Evicting Cancer coaching also helps ensure that you choose the type of treatment that BEST MATCHES your preferred medical model whether that means conventional, integrative or totally natural.

The various coaching options and audio programs of Evicting Cancer all share a foundational understanding that cancer doesn’t have a single cause and thus a single solution.

Most often we find it is a condition created over time (most commonly, over many years) during which the body’s NATURAL cancer-fighting abilities have been compromised or over-taxed due to a variety of internal and external factors.

Evicting Cancer recognizes that those internal and external factors vary from person to person due to our unique make-up, genetics, and life circumstances. Therefore, while Evicting Cancer utilizes an effective and comprehensive process, it is individualized and paced to match your specific goals, level of health, support system, resources and the degree of engagement you are choosing.

It’s my privilege to support you and your loved ones…


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Susi Roos, RN, Certified Cancer Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practictioner, Raw Food Educator