The Tamoxifen Question: Let’s Revisit It! Part I

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October 16, 2017
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November 6, 2017

In my practice, I’m often asked if there is a way to avoid taking tamoxifen as part of the treatment for estrogen-driven cancers. The women who ask this question have either done enough of their own research to have discovered that tamoxifen is actually a carcinogen in its own right or they are dealing with very unpleasant side effects from the drug.  Part of the challenge of addressing this question with your mainstream oncologist is that tamoxifen is considered the gold standard for this type of cancer. Because of this, there is often little wiggle room to not be compliant with this or a similar drug recommendation.

I can never tell my clients to take or stop taking a prescribed or recommended drug. But what I can do is help them (you) make more informed choices. When it comes to reducing estrogen exposure whether taking a drug like tamoxifen or not, there are several interventions that I believe are important, and if you are choosing to not take an estrogen-uptake inhibiting drug, they become essential (actually I think they are essential for everyone!). I have written articles on these interventions in previous blogs

I will briefly mention them here before moving on to an exciting new finding.

Here are four really essential steps (which are also helpful to keep healthy people stay that way)”

  1. Limit your exposure to xenoestrogen (estrogen-mimickers) found in so many commonly consumed processed foods and in our external environment in the form of plastics, sales receipts, cans, pesticides and so much more.
  1. Detoxify the body from this toxic estrogen load (and other toxins) because otherwise the excess gets stored in your fatty tissue (and what is the primary constituent of breasts?)
  1. Provide your liver with support to enhance its ability to breakdown and excrete estrogen. Our livers are working overtime and if estrogen is not effectively excreted, it recirculates in the body and ultimately ends up in our fat cells.  Eat foods that naturally inhibit estrogen – of which there are many.

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Make sure to read next week’s blog because I will share with you a new groundbreaking animal study that shows yet another edible gift from Mother Nature that outperformed tamoxifen.  Remember we are designed to heal, regenerate and be whole.

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