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June 1, 2016
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August 13, 2016


Smoothies and juicing are provide pounds of veggies per serving


Whether you are choose to juice or blend leafy greens or eat them, power greens are a must in your daily diet for cancer fighting and immune-boosting.




Leafy greens have been part of healthy diets for centuries.   Perhaps it was the intuitive guidance that led our ancestors to create many healing tonics from them. Now we have the science to understand just how potent this green gift is for health, wellbeing and cancer fighting.


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All plants, including the leafy greens, are filled with an unbelievable amount of phytonutrients. These are compounds with a variety of benefits that are cancer fighting, immune boosting and lower the risk of degenerative conditions such as heart disease, macular degeneration, and Alzheimer’s.

Some of the phytonutrients we have identified and researched include carotenoids, flavonoids, and lignans. Yet we are really at the early stages of our discoveries. That is why it is better to get these nutrients from whole foods rather than isolated nutrients (supplements).

sprouts and microgreens are small nutrition powerhouses

sprouts and microgreens are small nutrition   powerhouses


Leafy greens are also chockfull of a variety of vitamins and minerals. Again taken in a whole food form allows for the synergy and subtleties that Mother Nature has so brilliantly orchestrated. Some of the important vitamins that we know about include:

  • Vitamin E is important for immune and metabolic processes
  • Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, bones and connective tissue. It
    is also essential for cancer-fighting and healing in general
  • Vitamin K is needed to help inflammatory conditions and  to allow
    Vitamin D to do its job as a cancer-fighter and so much more
  • Vitamin A is important for our vision, strong bones, immune-boosting and more.
  • Folate: (you know the synthetic version as folic acid), which we have only discovered recently is so important for proper metabolism as well as brain health, lowering cholesterol and certain cancer risks. It also needed for proper reproductive functioning.
  • Magnesium has a huge role in all sorts of functions including the heart, muscles, diabetes, bone, bowel movements, blood pressure, sleep and migraines. We’ve also learned that many of us are unknowingly deficient.
  • Potassium is essential for the heart and other muscles and all electrical activity in the body
  • Calcium is important for bone and heart health as well as lowering cancer risks. Leafy greens are a far healthier source than dairy products.


Did you know my glass contains the equivalent of 2.5 lbs of greens?


The substance that gives greens their glorious color is chlorophyll. It also allows for the process of photosynthesis, which is how plants can harvest energy directly from the sun. There are some intriguing studies right now that suggest that when we have chlorophyll in our bloodstream, we may be able to harness some of that energy as well. It also appears that the chlorophyll is a potent aid in wound healing, energy, immune boosting, cancer fighting and blood building.



Finally, there is the fiber found in leafy greens, which is important for good bowel function, appetite control, colorectal cancer prevention, and also prevention of heart disease. It also can help feed healthy bacteria in the gut. If you juice your greens, you can still get the benefit of their fiber by collecting the pulp and adding it to salads and soups- or by making dehydrated pulp/flax crackers – which sounds gross but tastes great!

pulp and flaxseed crackers

pulp and flaxseed crackers


There are so many greens available. You may have your favorites but switch them up a bit so you get a broader array of phytonutrients. Also, be aware of too much kale, spinach and cruciferous vegetables. Too many of them can cause the formation of oxalates, which cause 80% of kidney stones.

So may greens from which to choose!

So may greens from which to choose!

Give your body its cancer fighting and immune boosting energy and mojo. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables regularly.


If you want to know how to maximize your intake of this bounty, stay tune for more tips on juicing and blending and even safe juice fasts that I will be offering. You could also attend one of my raw raw radiance programs like the one I just held in July. I’ll be sending some pictures of the weeklong event, which was fun, yummy and, according to its 8 participants, life-changing!