Working with Susi is the reason that I am alive. Not living, but truly alive. Through cancer, loss of employment, loss of my beloved husband, I am more alive now than ever. Her tools speak to the mind, body, spirit and emotion. She excels in working with medicine, intuitive, alternative, cutting edge solutions and you. She is flexible to each need and the results come fast, as fast as I allowed.  Cancer was a life challenge; with Susi’s help we’ve found the blessings. I am healthier, fifty pounds lighter, have a vision for the next 3-5 years and am… integrating mind, body, spirit and emotion in love each day.  I look forward to the beautiful unfoldment that is my life. In fighting for my life, Susi was in the ring every day. I believe that I am done with cancer forever, but not with Susi. I say this with Infinite Love and Gratitude to you Susi. Thank-You!

Georgina A, New Hampshire

I was initially diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis and later cancer of the liver. When I began working with Susi, I was overwhelmed, scared, uncertain of what to do and frustrated that the only thing that my doctors could do besides helping control symptoms was to put me on the list for a liver transplant. With Susi’s coaching, I began to better understand the disease process and how I could stimulate my own body’s healing instead of taking yet another medication. Susi also showed me how my thoughts, emotions, and perceptions were directly affecting my physical health and how changing limiting and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors could make a big difference in my ability to heal. Through LifeLine sessions with Susi I now feel better about myself and am far more positive about both my health and life as a whole. I learned what types of foods to eat and which types to avoid and how I could safely detoxify my body. She advised me to work with excellent doctors (which I am) but not to depend on them solely. I did have a liver transplant 4 months ago and my doctors have been amazed at the speed of my recovery and how quickly I am coming off medications. As a footnote, no cancer was found on the removed liver.

Andy G, Chicago

My 86 year young mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. The doctors did not advise any treatment at this point, feeling that the benefits of treatment would not outweigh the impact of the treatment on her life. My mother was actually fine with this. Still vibrant and active, she had no intention of stopping her smoking, her favorite foods or the social drinking that she enjoyed with her husband and friends. I was the basket case, wanting to ride in on a white horse and find something to save her. That is how I found Susi. When I first spoke to her, rather than try and enroll my mom in her program, she spent time with me, encouraging me to honor my mother’s wishes so that I could support her rather than create tension or distance between us. She really helped me see it differently. She did agree to do a session with my mom and me to see if there were some simple things my mom might want to do that would slow down the progression while helping keep her vibrant. During that session, my mom felt heard and supported even when she chose to make very little change. I’m the one who received healing. I feel so much better and am very grateful that I can now really be there for my mother.

Barb D, CEO, Winnetka IL

Self care is the hallmark to healthy holistic living. During my journey with a diagnosis of lymphoma, Susi Roos has been a guiding light in my physical, emotional and spiritual healing process. Recognizing that I needed to truly honor myself and my present journey were the keys to how I am living my life now. Clearing old emotional issues together through her skills, caring and love, has paved the way for me to live my authentic life, who I am truly meant to be. It has set a clearer path to living life fully, with joy and peace. I have been done with treatment for over a year and have resumed my life with far more empowerment, authenticity and physical changes that, in my mind and heart, make cancer obsolete for me.

Cornelia P, Holistic Practitioner, Twin Lakes CO

Your workshop last week was very informative. And even though I do not have cancer I know several people that do. I am grateful to have had the foresight to attend your free lecture. The information was a great reminder, even for me. The emphasis on diet and lifestyle is something everyone needs to be reminded of. And the importance of keeping your immune system strong was good too. And all the info about what others countries are doing to fight cancer is something to think about and research more on. Over all, I think that the information is valuable because there is more out there than what even oncologists know. You have many keys to share with those that are going through the most challenging of diseases. I am grateful to have brought my mom and to know she will be in the right hands going through your 4 week teleclass with you. During your free class my mom’s attitude and perspective changed. She has much more hope now and believes she can work with you to get stronger and still do her conventional treatments for the lung cancer she lives with. Thank you Susi. Many blessings on your endeavors sharing this important information.

Leslie J, Holistic Life Coach, Glenview, IL

Wow, your presentation was great, easy to follow and you were very generous with your time. I was amazed at the alternative treatments available, and how easily, and at a much lesser expense, they can be pursued. I would tell people I know with cancer, to give your program a chance: that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What you are doing, Susi, can benefit so many people if they are open to it.

Ruth R, 81 year old wise woman, Skokie IL

The workshop was very good. I learned specific concrete ways to minimize chances of getting cancer or maximizing chances of beating cancer while improving quality of life. If I were speaking to someone with cancer, I would tell them to go to your workshop. I’d say, “You owe it to yourself and to your family to get this eye-opening second opinion. There are so many proven, common sense, non-invasive ways to combat cancer. If you keep an open mind you will leave the workshop saying “Why wouldn’t these techniques be my first line of defense?” I will definitely put the word out at my business when you schedule your next event.

Scott R, Glenview, IL, Vice President, Design & Lighting


  • E nvironmental Upgrades
  • V itamins, Minerals, Enzymes and other supplements
  • I mmune-boosting measures
  • C lean up the body (detoxification)
  • T umor-Targeted Interventions
  • C alming the System (stress reduction and management)
  • A uthentic Living
  • N utritious Eating
  • C all on a higher power (spiritual support and healing)
  • E motional Healing
  • E R aise oxygen and pH levels