Taking Your Life and Power Back from Cancer

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August 3, 2014
Cancer Fighting Power Greens
June 9, 2016

susi2Welcome to Evicting Cancer’s new blog site.  This is a place where you can continue to learn more about taking your life and power back from cancer.  Here I will expand upon my weekly cancer tips. If you have not yet signed up to receive those free tips, I encourage you to do at the bottom of this page. Having those cancer-fighting tips show up weekly in your email, is a way to remember just how strongly you can impact your cancer journey. They also provide bite-size pieces of information and tools that you can easily utilize.

This blog site allows me to be in conversation with you and that too, is exciting to me.  I love to empower and coach and through your comments and questions, I can better do this.  Of course, it is important to remember that this forum is for educational rather than treatment purposes.  I can help you make more informed diet, lifestyle and treatment choices. Yet it is important to always discuss these things with your treating physician.

Today, I want to remind you that you are designed to heal. Sometimes in the midst of illness, pain, side effects or setbacks, we can forget this. Yet, you are literally wired for healing. Your body has amazing regenerative capabilities. Unfortunately, the typical modern lifestyle and diet often challenge these abilities.  And that is where I come in. Your mind, heart and Spirit all exert great influence over and in your body. Actually your mind and body are so intricately entwined right down to the cellular level, that is physiologically impossible to truly separate them. So your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about your body, illness, self and life greatly impact your health and can’t be ignored.

Cancer is a systemic condition that requires a holistic approach regardless of treatment chosen.  Having a guide to support you in this approach can make all the difference. So, again, welcome to Evicting Cancer, where we make that difference.