Save this date if you’ve completed radiation / chemotherapy!

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December 22, 2016
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December 27, 2016

If you have completed chemotherapy and/or radiation, you must read this!

I’m having a special live event, just for you; ReVitalize U™, specifically designed for the recovery and rebooting of your body, life and immune system after chemotherapy and/or radiation. 

Save the dates so you can attend my ReVitalize U™ immersion retreat:

DATES:  February 19-26, 2017

PLACE:  Creative Health Institute, Union City, Michigan

This immersion event is so important because detoxifying from chemo and radiation is a powerful, essential and often overlooked step when you are looking to become or remain cancer-free while improving your overall functioning, wellbeing and energy.

Yet I have come across so few doctors and healthcare professionals who even talk about this, yet alone guide someone through it.

That is why I created ReVitalize U™ – so that you can effectively and safely detoxify your liver, kidneys, blood and lymphatic system of the lingering effect (and presence) of chemo and radiation, while supporting their healthy functioning and that of your immune system.

Everything you need for the week is included along with your room: the healing foods and juices, essential supplements, all detoxification supplies and interventions. Plus you get one-on-one time with me as well as some great group interactions.

To get all the details and to register for ReVitalize U™, go to

If you have any questions or want to speak with me, I would love to connect with you at [email protected]

What do participants who attended other of Susi’s weeklong live events have to say?

“It is now day 7 and it has been an amazing week. I feel absolutely energized and glowing today.  The week was full of gifts and the experience was unequalled. There is no other way to explain this.  And it would not have happened without Susi putting together the opportunity to come together… to learn, to detoxify and to nourish….  

 KG, Chicago

I am leaving lighter  -8 lbs lighter and 5 inches less. The inches have come off but so has the weight of the world.  Thank you so much, Susi for putting this together.  I knew it would make a big difference and I wasn’t disappointed.  It was worth everything it took for me to get here! ML, Kansas City


Day one I was so out of touch with my body but today, day 7 – I love this body. I am getting more and more strength back. I am, feeling healthier and more joyful and so so grateful, 

MR Connecticut 

Here it is day 7, I feel fabulous, I feel so much less fatigued than when I got here, lost some weight, learned so much.  I met and bonded with such amazing people that I feel honored to be part of the group. I am leaving with deep gratitude and a solid plan with which to move forward.  MY, Chicago 

Day 7 I am most grateful for many wonderful shifts and insights of this week. It has been empowering. I have claimed more raw. I am still tired to be honest but it is what it is.  I know it is a process and I am so grateful to be well into it. AL, South Carolina 

Save the date and check out ReVitalize U:

This is a must attend event so you can cleanse your system and get back on your feet much faster and feel revitalized and more balanced.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please contact me at [email protected] .  I am so committed to supporting people on this essential yet often ignored step on a successful cancer-healing journey. 

Can’t wait to meet you!

For now, many healing blessings,