Physician Participant Interest Overview Thanks

Thank you so much for your interest in promoting my Taking Your Life Back from Cancer 4-part live tele-coaching class to your appropriate patients.

  • It truly creates a win for them by providing essential information, empowerment and support for better outcomes and a richer journey.
  • There is a win for you as you easily and at no cost to you, introduce an affordable cash-based revenue stream into your office for which appropriate patients will thank you.
  • Finally, it helps me fulfill my mission of reaching as many cancer patients as possible with this critical information that can so positively impact the cancer journey.

I will be contacting you shortly with more details to address any questions or concerns and to provide you with the easy steps to becoming a partner in promoting this great class to and for your patients.

With deep appreciation,


Susi Roos, RN, M.Div, NAPCC
certified professional cancer coach