New Prostate Testing…and Why It’s Essential For You to Know!

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May 19, 2017
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There are now new Prostate Tests that can help differentiate slow growing from aggressive cancer cells. 

In 2013, the American Urological Association came to the conclusion that our current prostate tests (PSA), lead to so many needless biopsies, which lead to risky surgeries to remove non-life-threatening prostate cancer. Even with all this unnecessary testing, some of it could possibly be justified if it at least saved some lives. However, the truth, statistically speaking, is that the number of prostate cancer deaths have remained about the same, approximately 30,000, before and after the fear-based massive increase in prostate cancer surgeries and other treatments. This isn’t to say that for aggressive prostate cancer, immediate measures don’t need to be taken. The basic problem is to distinguish aggressive from slow-growing prostate tumors since nine out of ten prostate cancers are NOT aggressive- allowing time to take far less drastic healing measures. (And wait and watch is NOT a healing measure.) Fortunately, there are some new tests that can help differentiate slow growing from aggressive prostate cancer cells.

Test #1: Exosomes Testing Exosomes are messengers between cells that allow cancer to spread. The RNA inside these exosomes can shed light as to 1. whether prostate cancer is present and 2. whether it’s aggressive or low-risk. Exosome Diagnostics of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has developed a method of studying exosomes in urine samples. Thus this test is a simple urine test. Strongly consider this before yielding to a biopsy.

Test #2: The 4K score: This is a variation on the PSA blood testing. However, it can more accurately determines the aggressiveness of the disease and scores that on a scale. If you have an elevated PSA, doing the Exosome testing and the 4K testing will help you (and your docotro) make a far more informed choice as to whether to submit to a prostate biopsy.

Test #3 Prolaris test for those getting a biopsy This is a genetic analysis of biopsied tissue. Myriad Genetics of Irvine, California offers this test which helps assess the risk of whether a given patient will die from the cancer within the next 10 years. This could be game-changing information to help determine if you went to engage in aggressive treatment for prostate cancer, assuming it is found.

Know that there are many self-care interventions you can initiate for a slow growing cancer. If you want to know more, make sure you are following my blog or contact me at susi@evictingcancer. 

Remember, watch and wait does nothing to negate future cancer growth. Since prostate cancer, like breast cancer is so over treated- driven by fear and inadequate information, I strongly urge you to utilize these tests. Otherwise, not only does one deal with the fear and anxiety of having a cancer diagnosis of unknown aggressiveness once it has been determined that it is contained to the prostate, the often unnecessary treatment (surgery or radiation) can cause impotency and/or incontinence (lack of bladder control) for the rest of your life. Remember also, that radiation can cause cancer so just because radiation treatments are relatively painless and often quick, they are not harmless. Since nine out of ten prostate cancers are not aggressive, why risk altering the quality of your life so dramatically when chances are that aggressive treatment was not needed. In addition, if it actually was an aggressive cancer, failure to make the lifestyle and dietary changes as well as other natural healing upgrades, means there is a high probability of that cancer spreading over time and becoming life threatening.

I can’t tell you how many men are shocked that several years after having their prostate removed, they find out that prostate cancer cells are still present in their bodies and have since spread. Remember, although cancer typically shows up first in a localized area, it is never a localized disease. A person is not ill from cancer. People get cancer due to some type of dis-ease already existing somewhere in their bodies. As great as this improved testing is, remember that early detection is NOT prevention or treatment. If you want to learn more about how to become (or remain) an inhospitable host for the presence and growth of cancer – and how to boost the effectiveness of your immune system to find and destroy cancer cells, please contact me for some coaching. or consider taking my live 4-part tele-class, Taking Your Life Back from Cancer. Men, do not needlessly compromise the quality of your life due to fear and ignorance. Women, don’t let your men do this. Evicting Cancer is all about making empowered and informed choices and I am committed to helping you do just that. PS if you have already completed at course of chemotherapy or radiation, you owe it to yourself to check out my live 7 day ReVitalize U program designed to detoxify your body of the harmful and residual toxic effects of chemo and radiation and repair much of the unavoidable damage created .