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Productive and Positive

….Before You Even Get Out of Bed!

Susi’s Review: Dr. Joy Martina*

As Dr. Martina says, “Once we get up and out of bed, we head for the coffee or get into the shower for a quick boost, and then we jump straight into our busy day. STOP! Before we’re off, we have some really important things to do… and the first is setting our intention for how we want to move through the day. When we first wake, our brain is in a plastic (pliable) state. This is the perfect time give your brain direction for the day.”  Here are her great suggestions, modified a bit my own two cents.


Visualize yourself going through your day the way you want to – totally in your power, staying calm, relaxed, and focused on what you need to accomplish.  Plug in the tasks and interactions already on your schedule as well as the ones you’d like to have happen and visualize yourself experiencing them in the ideal way. It only need take a few minutes but it is important that you bring all your senses in and actually feel vs. just think the imagined experience.  You literally create new neural networks or instructions for your brain when you do this.  And it would be hard not to have a sense of gratitude for the imagined but felt experience. That, too, is potent creative and healing mojo.


This doesn’t have to be a major workout but rather a few moments of stretching your arms, legs, back, neck, feet and spine (twisting the spine) while breathing deeply.  Find or create some yoga, relaxation, Pilates… five-minute routine that works for you and make a commitment to do some version of this every morning.  While incorporating more of a workout on certain days is a good and important intervention, this is your 5-minute morning commitment that doesn’t get bumped because of time or tiredness.


Dr. Joy combines this step with stretching.  I think it is so important that it qualifies as a “stand-alone” intervention. Here is what Dr. Joy says, “With your feet on the ground, take a moment to ground yourself. (Skipping this step can cause overwhelm and that feeling like we’re stuck in our heads all day.) Spend a few seconds standing with your bare feet on the floor, imagining that you’re just like a tree. You’re sending your roots deep, deep down into the earth, until you can imagine you’re hitting the core of the earth. Here, take a few deep breaths and anchor yourself. Tap into that core power… and feel grateful for it.”



Don’t allow the “world stuff” to orient you to your day. As Dr. Joy suggests, for at least the first 15 minutes of the day, refrain from “plugging in” to your devices. She says “Keep the world from hijacking your attention span.” I add to that. Keep the world from dictating your emotional state and view of life. There is time enough to engage with the world – be it the news or social media.  It is very serving to first connect with your heart, your intentions and solidify your outlook before allowing or inviting the dramas, traumas, fears, and yes, even the “feel good” shares of others.

5) SIT (Or BE – my addition) IN SILENCE

Whether you take just a few minutes or have the luxury of 15-30 minutes, this is your time to connect to something greater than self – be it nature, God, the unknown, higher consciousness, Divine Source or whatever it is to you. This could be a few minutes (or longer) of prayer, conscious deep breathing, meditation, quiet walking, gardening, grounding barefoot on the earth, Tai Chi, yoga, looking out at your garden while sipping your favorite tea, contemplating your day, cuddling quietly with your animal.  No right or wrong way…. But you need to do it to reap the return. As. Dr. Joy put it, “Whatever allows you to connect, listen, and feel grateful, is worth throwing into the morning mix.”


Dr. Joy suggests oil pulling, which most of you have heard me recommend.  Let me know if you need instructions for this. Other things that I suggest include: a shot of wheatgrass, a glass of lemon water with a dash of cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt, a green smoothie, a green juice, organic coffee or tea with coconut oil and grass-fed butter (sounds gross if you’ve never tried it but tastes great, fuels your brain and encourages weight loss. Contact me if you want to learn more about this) or at least a healthy breakfast that avoids processed sugars and fats and unhealthy grains.

Since this article is based on one of Dr. Joy Martinez, let me end with a quote from hers, “Taking time to start your day with purpose and intention keep you tapped into your power throughout the entire day. With these 5 tips, you can craft a morning routine that breeds a more intentional day – it’s EASY!”  And here are my last words: Not only is it easy, it is such a powerfully healing form of self-care.

Here’s to a peaceful powerful start of your days, which constantly spills over into more and more ease, synchronicity, joy, productivity, 

energy and HEALING throughout your days.

*Dr. Joy Martina, along with her husband, Dr. Roy Martina MD, is known for her work in transformational personal growth and brain training


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