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What Cancer Really is

…and the holistic approach required to evict it



When you understand what allows cancer to get/retain a foothold in your body, then you realize why…

  • Just attacking cancer cells is not enough – no matter how initially effective
  • Your diet, lifestyle and overall state of health hugely impact cancer occurrence and outcomes
  • You need a (personalized) whole person approach, whether choosing conventional, integrative or totally non-toxic cancer treatment
  • There is an effective roadmap you can follow to powerfully shift the odds in your favor



In this free webinar, you will not only receive this roadmap,

but will understands why each step is vital.

Tuesday May 12th at 7:00pm CT

It will be recorded but only those who attend live, will receive a special report 


Susi Roos, RN, M.Div, has been a holistic nurse for over 40 years, an integrative cancer coach for over a decade and has additional training in functional diagnostic nutrition, raw foods, essential oils and mind-body-energy medicine. As someone with experience in both conventional and integrative cancer care, she is the perfect guide to introduce this roadmap.



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