Enzyme Alert: Are You Sure You’re Producing Enough?

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March 17, 2017
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March 31, 2017



Enzymes are a type of protein that catalyzes every biochemical process in the body. 

They are kind of like a spark plug. Because they are essential for life, our bodies produces them. 

Basically, there are 2 categories of enzymes produced.

We have digestive enzymes that help digest our foods and we have metabolic enzymes that facilitate the thousands of crucial biochemical reactions occurring in our bodies every day.  

Mother Nature provides digestive enzymes in all of her produce. So when we eat her bounty as fresh raw foods, our bodies don’t need to produce enzymes to digest those meals.  That allows more enzymes for metabolic purposes or to help digest cooked foods (heat destroys enzymes) and processed foods (most should be called food-like substances) that are totally void of enzymes. 

However, if we eat too many cooked and processed foods, we start creating serious health issues.  The body is limited in the quantity and types of enzymes that it can produce for supplemental purposes. When the foods a person eats are persistently lacking their own enzymes, the body will eventually exhaust its enzyme reserves. Not only does this affect our ability to digest foods properly but it pulls from the reserve of metabolic enzymes needed for cellular tissue repair, toxin elimination, energy production and waste removal.   

When we don’t have enough digestive enzymes, we send only partially digested food to the small intestine.  This hinders the small intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients that the body requires for health and healing and also sets the stage for undigested food to ferment in the small and large intestines. This in turn, sets the stage for leaky gut and an unhealthy balance of good and harmful bacteria in the gut.  If you are suffering from gas, indigestion, and/or bloating,– especially shortly after eating, there is a good chance you are not digesting food properly.   

Simultaneously, we stress our pancreas, which has the responsibility of manufacturing enough metabolic enzymes for those other crucial functions. Without adequate metabolic enzymes, all operating systems in the body are compromised, creating less–than-optimal health and, in time, debilitating disease. 

Ensure Optimal Enzyme Function in Your Body

  1. Make your diet is plant based and strive for at least 50% of that being raw (salads, juicing, smoothies, blended soups, zucchini pastas, and so many more yummy foods)
  2. Take some classes or attend Raw Radiance to learn how to make delicious raw meals so they can become an integral part of your weekly meals.  
  3. Take digestive enzymes when eating cooked meals – especially when eating processed foods and meat since they required a lot of digestive effort. 
  4. Learn how to use a high quality dehydrator to “cook” foods at temperatures low enough to preserve enzymes. (Your oven typically doesn’t go below 200˚F and enzymes get destroyed above 118˚F) 

If you think raw foods are limited to salads, smoothies, juicing and crunching on cut up vegetables… you are so wrong! 

Attend the upcoming Raw Radiance Retreat and not only discover how delicious these foods can be, but learn how easy it is to make some great tasting raw food meals.  And because these types of meals not only nourish and alkalize the body, but also encourage detoxification, this retreat will also support a gentle body detoxification as well.  And because it is not just our body that needs to be nourished and detoxified, we will also nourish and detoxify our hearts, minds and Spirits. 

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