Detoxification and Spring Cleansing Tips!

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Here’s an excerpt from the well-know Dr. Eliaz, a pioneer in integrative medicine and detoxification solutions:

The shift from winter to spring offers an ideal opportunity to align with the seasons and clear accumulated toxins from the body. A gentle, nourishing spring cleanse allows us to reset our body’s natural detoxification processes and reboot our energy, immunity and overall vitality.  The process can be as short as three days, or up to a month or longer — it all depends on your personal health goals. 

Benefits of a Spring Cleanse

A gentle cleanse that emphasizes unprocessed foods, targeted herbs and supplements, and regular physical activity, can support numerous area of health. Particular benefits include greater energy, immunity and vitality, better digestive and metabolic efficiency, balanced moods, sounder sleep and more.

Nutritional Recommendations

A nourishing, anti-inflammatory diet is the foundation for a successful detox program. Here are some essential tips:

  • Eat fresh, organic, unprocessed (whole) foods, with an emphasis on green vegetables. Vegetables may be juiced, eaten raw, steamed or sautéed in liquid
  • Do not fry as cooked oils can impair detox.
  • Limit animal protein as much as possible, particularly dairy, and choos eorganic and hormone-free meats and products.
  • Choose alkalizing foods since they can help counteract the over-acidity that can occur during cold weather. Alkalizing foods also promote oxygenation and detoxification. Greens and cruciferous vegetables, most root vegetables, avocado, cucumber, lemon and seaweeds are all examples of alkalizing foods.
  • Soak and sprout grains and legumes before cooking. This process increases their nutritional content, reduces digestive upset and supports greater detoxification.
  • Consume plenty of pure water and herbal teas, along with low sodium homemade vegetable soups or broths.
  • Add fiber (such as flax or psyllium, rice bran, etc.) to support regular elimination and flush toxins from the digestive tract.
  • Avoid foods that place oxidative stress on the body and cause inflammation, such as alcohol, sugars, processed foods, cooked oils, caffeinated beverages and non-organic foods.

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