Deformed Pigs in Denmark? Children in Argentina? Cancer Rates?

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October 7, 2016
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October 13, 2016

What do Deformed Pigs in Denmark, Deformed Children in Argentina and Skyrocketing

Cancer Rates All have in common?

(and why you should be concerned about the answer)

From Java Films The problematic answer can be found in “Transgenic Wars,”

an award-winning film by French investigative journalist

Paul Moreira. We are taken us on a journey through

Europe and Latin America, looking at the effects of genetically

engineered (GE) crops, both on livestock and human health.

It starts with Ib Pedersen, a long-time pig farmer in Denmark. By 2002, about 90 percent of the soy

he was feeding his pigs, was GE.  And a seeming consequence of this was that Pedersen, as well as all

his fellow farmers, were dealing with pigs that had such ongoing diarrhea, that they called it

“the yellow death”because it was killing up to 30% of piglets born each year.

Tragic and scary and seemingly related to the GE soy but what’s the connection to Argentina?

Well, the GE soy used in Denmark was sourced from Argentina and all the farmers that used

that soy had to deal with pigs dying from the yellow death.

OK, nobody wants any creature to unnecessarily suffer and die but what do pigs have to do

with deformed children?

Ib Pedersen found images of deformed Argentinean children online…

…which local doctors and scientists insist are caused by pesticide exposure, as many villagers

are surrounded by GE fields: where toxic chemicals are sprayed with wanton abandon.

What struck the local doctors was that people living near GE fields in Argentina have 350 percent

higher rates of birth defects than the national average.

What struck Ib when he looked at pictures of these defects was how similar these deformities

were to the deformities found in his piglets.

Could pesticide-contaminated GE soy be the cause of the pig farmers’

problems? Mr. Pederson decided to remove the GE soy from his feed mix. Within two

days, changes were noticeable. There was not a single case of diarrhea among his pigs.

In the three years he’s beenfeeding his pigs all non-GE feed, he’s never had a single case of

“the yellow death” again.

Back to the humans….

Not only serious birth defects…but skyrocketing cancer rates

The only independently organized investigation of the health impact of GE crops, conducted

by students of the Rosario Medical University, found that cancer rates increased by 40 percent

in a single year in one village. In another, the cancer rate shot up by 250 percent.

What these villages have in common is that they are surrounded by GE fields and the fumigation

border is extremely close to where they live.

These disastrous irrefutable statistics appear to be enough to wake the people of Argentina

to the unacceptable cost of its physical health for its economic health. According to

Alejandro Mentaberry at the Ministry for Science, Argentina made about $65 billion on

GE crops between 1996 (the year GE crops were introduced) and 2011.

Many Argentinean people however, have connected the above dots and have been protesting

the further expansion of GMO farming in their villages. One coalition of farmers, activists and

citizens has successfully stopped the expansion of a Monsanto seed facility in Malvinas, Argentina.

Tired of being poisoned by GMOs, the activists managed to stop construction of a big GMO plant.

Unfortunately, this is but one glimpse of sunlight in a sky increasingly darkened by Monsanto’s

frightening lobbying strength and strong arm tactics to influence world governments to ignore

the health threats not only to human life but to all species and the earth itself.

My focus here is not on the political ails and the encouragement to be a voice of consciousness

to your legislators etc, although I do encourage that. My purpose in sharing this information is to

provide evidence that GMOs are an immediate threat to your health and that of your loved ones

And since, for the foreseeablefuture, you cannot depend on the government to protect your

health, you need to do this for yourselves.

GMOs introduce pesticides directly into your gut – the same pesticides that are design to blow

up the stomach of the “pests” that eat the crop.  Is it any wonder that they disturb your gut

functioning while introducing chemicals that were never meant for human consumption

(or even exposure)?

GMOs are carcinogenic, inflammatory, toxic to vital organs and they overtax

the immune system. That is why they not only contribute to soaring cancer rates but to

many other degenerative conditions along the continuum from health to cancer –

conditions like infertility, digestive disorders, auto-immune disease and hormone imbalances

and more.

The take away?

Gmo foods


Choose GMO free foods for you and

your family. You will greatly reduce

your cancer risks and improve health

overall while voting with our dollars.

If you want to be more proactive

in supporting the grassroots movement

to restore a GMO free world, you can do

that as well.



And just to connect a few more dots….

When you add the usage of GMO feed to animals (beef, dairy cows, chickens, pigs etc) raised in the big

unhygienic, unhealthy commercial farms- you are creating an even more potent health risk.

All the concerns about GMOs are there along with the health-deterring affects of animals that are

fed steroids, antibiotics and denied the health benefits of free range eating and movement.

Eating chicken, beef or pork (think standard American diet), raised this way with sides of GMO corn,

soybean, and pesticide-ladenveggies and fruits, you have the recipe for poor health, increased

cancer risk, more rapid aging and early death.

I don’t normally do doom and gloom reporting – so why today?

Those who follow my blog and articles know I don’t typically focus on scare tactics and the

horrendous health-related cover-ups by our government. More typically I focus on your

empowerment.But every once in a while it seems prudent to give you the back-story as to

why we need to makesignificant diet and lifestyle changes to take our power back from cancer

and other debilitating conditions.  Without the back-stories, there is often a part of us who

rationalizes away the need to make such changes.We call them extreme, unfair, unnecessary…

We tell ourselves after everything we’ve been through we at least deserve to treat ourselves

with our familiar, well loved comfort foods.So sometimes I have to deliver the rude awakening

from our dreams of complacency long enough to motivate you to discover that you can replace

these dangerous habits with foods and behaviors that don’t deprive you but rather replace

them with nourishing and health promoting foods and behaviors that are yummy,

empowering and freeing….It also illuminates why all of us need, with some regularity,

to take at least minimal measures to detoxify our bodies and boost our nutrition and our

immune function.  And finally, it sheds light on how, when we add theunavoidable

toxicity of chemotherapy and/or radiation to our “healing process”, we need stronger

measures to lessen the effect of ALL toxins on our bodyand boost its ability to deal with them.

And this hold true not only during treatment but also when treatment is completed;

so that we can truly recover from treatment while providing the nourishment and means

to go from

surviving to thriving.

I offer several ways to support all this happening with one on one consultations and

7 day retreats.  The Raw Radiance retreat is fabulous for general detoxification

while experiencing how to make manylifestyle and dietary changes that support far more

radiant health.

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Transgenic Wars — How GMOs Impact Livestock and Human Health Around the Globe

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