Individual Coaching Program – Deepening the Healing Journey

With this coaching package, we go beyond the fundamentals taught in the class, delving deeper into your lifestyle choices, emotions, challenges and broader goals. We have the opportunity to further personalize the approach, explore more of the issues that are unique to you and, over the course of many weeks, monitor your implementation.

We can tailor the coaching to supplement conventional treatment, support integrative medical treatment or simply strongly enhance your own self-care measures. We look at your specific diagnosis, medical treatment, lifestyle, environment and psychosocial and emotional health and stress levels.

This is a solid foundation upon which you can build to take your power back from cancer. This 3 month program includes 7 hours of one-on-one coaching, supplemental email and phone support, a comprehensive binder guide customized to your cancer and lifestyle needs. Learn new and healthier routines to make you (and your immune system) stronger and better able to cope with and respond to your chosen treatment. Be more informed and empowered. Discover personal growth opportunities inherent in this challenge. Strongly inhibit the return of cancer. Be guided on a healing journey.

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