Susi’s services are based on the understanding that cancer is a systemic rather than a local problem. It’s based on the realization that simply attacking the cancer without addressing and supporting the one with the cancer typically leads to only short-term results. It also misses several avenues of healing that can lead to better outcomes and to a better and far more meaningful journey.

Cancer Healing Strategy Session

A Free 45 Minute Consultation

 Are you motivated to powerfully shift the cancer odds in your favor? To maximize your existing or anticipated treatment, boost your body’s natural cancer-fighting abilities, and/or find the right whole-person approach for your healing? If your answer is a big yes OR if you are not sure what that whole person approach looks like for you or what is even possible, then this consultation is for you.


5 benefits of a Cancer Healing Strategy Session:

Create a sense of clarity about the state of health and wellbeing you really want and can achieve.

Identify your essential building blocks for becoming a very inhospitable host for cancer.

Discover the #1 thing stopping you from pro-actively shifting the cancer odds in your favor.

Pinpoint the most powerful actions for reclaiming your life from the presence or fear of cancer.

Complete the consultation knowing EXACTLY what to do next on your cancer healing journey.


Taking Your Life Back from Cancer

4-Week Live Virtual Program


This is a very economical way to begin working with and accessing Susi’s years of training and experience. In this physician-endorsed 4-part weekly series, you will learn to start taking your body and life back from cancer with the guidance of a professional cancer coach with over 40 years of nursing experience. This is a very cost-effective, results-oriented way to become more empowered and proactive on your cancer journey. . No matter where you live, you can experience a sense of community with others who are turning their cancer challenges into healing journeys. You will leave this class with a solid foundation about how to powerfully shift the cancer odds in your favor. If you want to go deeper on a one-to-one journey, private coaching will be made available.

Pre-Class Bonus: Mapping the Healing Journey and a self-assessment 

Class 1 – Stimulate Your Natural Cancer-Fighting Ability through Foods

Class 2 – Plant-Based Protocols: Essential Oils, Herbs, Mushrooms...    

Class 3 – Lifestyle Upgrades: Healthy Physical and Emotional Shifting

Class 4 – Detoxifying Your Home and Body

Bonus Class (5) – a follow-up live support session and Q/A 



Individual Coaching

Deepening the healing journey

With this coaching package, we go beyond the fundamentals taught in the class, delving deeper into your lifestyle choices, emotions, challenges and broader goals. We have the opportunity to further personalize the approach, explore more of the issues that are unique to you and, over the course of many weeks, monitor your implementation.

We can tailor the coaching to supplement conventional treatment, support integrative medical treatment or simply strongly enhance your own self-care measures. We look at your specific diagnosis, medical treatment, lifestyle, environment and psychosocial and emotional health and stress levels.

This is a solid foundation upon which you can build to take your power back from cancer. This 3 month program includes 7 hours of one-on-one coaching, supplemental email and phone support, a comprehensive binder guide customized to your cancer and lifestyle needs. Learn new and healthier routines to make you (and your immune system) stronger and better able to cope with and respond to your chosen treatment. Be more informed and empowered. Discover personal growth opportunities inherent in this challenge. Strongly inhibit the return of cancer. Be guided on a healing journey.


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E nvironmental Upgrades

V itamins, Minerals, Enzymes and other supplements

I mmune-boosting measures

C lean up the body (detoxification)

T umor-Targeted Interventions

C alming the System (stress reduction and management)

A uthentic Living

N utritious Eating

C all on a higher power (spiritual support and healing)

E motional Healing

R aise oxygen and pH levels