Birthday Cake & Candles?

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September 2, 2017
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September 17, 2017

If you are a regular reader of my blogs and cancer healing tips, you already know the hazards to your health that lurk inside the seemingly delightful tradition of partaking in birthday cakes.   Within that beautifully decorated cake you will typically find sugar (frosting), sugar (high fructose corn syrup if store bought) and more sugar (white sugar and baking flour).  It’s a feast for cancer cells while your immune system takes a dive and your inflammatory markers have a field day.     Does this mean you can’t have a bite here and there? – well that depends on how seductive such mini-indulgences are to you. Not recommended – but it’s your journey.

And here is another thing that very few people think about with regards to our birthday cake traditions.  And it is something for everyone to become aware of – especially  those dealing with cancer and/or in treatment that compromises the immune system.  It is the practice of blowing out the birthday candles.  I know, now you are thinking I am getting too extreme, maybe even anal about your food choices. But hear me out.  As Suzy Cohen (aka America’s pharmacist who I quote from time to time) said, “You do realize this is the same as having people spitting on your cake.  …What would you do if your waiter at a restaurant placed your very hot soup before you and then blew on it for you to cool it down? Would you then proceed to eat the soup or be outraged?”

Ok – are we being paranoid?  Here’s the deal. Per Suzy Cohen’s research, the number of unique bacterial species in the oral cavity varies between 500 to 650. They live on your teeth and tongue, and sometimes hide in biofilms. The growth phase for mouth germs is pretty rapid, so if you don’t brush regularly, the number of germs in your mouth becomes exponential.  If you go just 24 hours without brushing, 20 billion germs becomes 100 billion!

Recent studies of organisms found on the frosting of cakes upon which candles were blown out (vs frosting not exposed to this practice) revealed the following organisms that are  teeming in the average person’s saliva which get transferred to the frosting  (i.e. the icing on the icing on your birthday cake):

  • Streptococcus mutans – causes sinusitis, pneumonia, ear aches and meningitis
  • Rhinovirus – Associated with the common cold
  • *Epstein-Barr virus or EBV – Chronic fatigue, “Mono” and neurological problems
  • Herpes Simplex Type I – This one causes fever blisters, aka “cold sores”
  • Influenze – This is usually the bug behind the flu
  • Streptococcus – Many diseases including strep throat
  • Hepatitis B and C – These are dangerous to your liver
  • Treponema – Gum and periodontal disease
  • Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans –causes gum disease
  • ^ Clostridium – A very dangerous germ causing severe diarrhea

With only partially tongue in cheek, Suzi suggests using a personal mister filled with Colloidal Silver on your cake before eating it.  (You might remember that colloidal silver is in my cancer-healing protocols because it is such a powerful antimicrobial – and no, its NOT a heavy metal!)

So what are the take-aways here?  Don’t indulge in your standard ingredient birthday cake (whether commercially or home-baked). Your taste buds might do a happy dance but it is the cancer cells that get to celebrate. And especially don’t indulge after the guest (or guests) of honor have blown out the candles, sharing more than a good time with you. There are wonderful cooked (and even amazing raw) cakes that are made with healthy ingredients if you are the recipient or the creator of the cake.  Then maybe have sparklers on the cake instead of candles.  Remove them, hold them, and make your wish.  If your wish is to be healthier and further on your healing journey, you will be on your way to making that come true.


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