Strong Link between BPA and Cancer: become BPA-free

Taking Your Life and Power Back from Cancer
June 1, 2016

You’ve probably heard repeatedly that it is wise to avoid plastic products containing bisphenol-A, more commonly known as BPA.. These products include plastic water bottles and many brands of baby bottles, the linings of many types of canned foods and beverages, cash register receipts and even plastic sun glass lenses.

In addition to being an estrogen mimicker, BPA also interferes with normal genetic functioning. Specifically from a cancer prevention or healing aspect, BPA links with estrogen and other natural body compounds to produce a large amount of a molecule (RNA HOTAIR), which interferes with tumor suppression in both breast tissue and any existing tumors therein. For men, there also appears to be an adverse effect.  Men diagnosed with prostate cancer were found to have four times more BPA in their systems than those without cancer. Urine samples actually showed 400% more BPA. In addition, Bisphenol-A increases both the invasiveness and metastasis of cancer.

So what can you do to avoid BPA? First of all, avoid plastic bottles whose recycling label (on the bottom of the bottle) displays the numbers 3 or 7.  This, unfortunately, includes most, if not all, of the various bottled water sold in stores. (Hint: filter your own water.) As much as you can, replace plastic food and water storage containers with glass.  When the plastic gets heated, it has been demonstrated to leech BPA into the contents found within the plastic container.  When water bottles are heated by sitting out in the sun, on hot delivery docks or in hot truck interiors, it sets the stage for such leeching. And, eventually, you ingest that water.  The same holds true for plastic containers heated in microwave ovens

There are so many toxins in our environments that are impossible to avoid.  But you do have the power to avoid the “avoidable” ones.  Microwaves are not a healthy cooking venue for multiple reasons. But if you choose to use one, never cook your food in plastic food storage or packaging (which includes the typical “microwave safe” containers of processed frozen foods.).  You already know most tap water contains many toxins but as mentioned above, plastic bottled water is not the answer. If you buy your own water filter system, you can avoid purchasing the water bottles and the filter will pay for itself in savings.   Want more tips?  Sign up for my weekly cancer healing tips and/or schedule a free clarity session to discover if cancer coaching is right for you.