Yes to Chocolate…Dark Chocolate!

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August 13, 2016
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Did you know that chocolate has been bringing people together for over 4,000 years?

The earliest account of chocolate consumption goes back to 1,900 B.C. in the Early Formative period. Ancient ceramic containers holding cacao residue were discovered at the El Manati archaeological site in Veracruz, Mexico.

Today, chocolate is a $50 billion industry, and is sold all over the world. Its unique flavor simply can’t be found in any other treat.

If there’s one kind chocolate you should be eating, it should be dark chocolate.

What makes dark chocolate superior to other forms of chocolate? Cacao!

Dark chocolate contains a high percentage of cacao. Cacao contains almost 400 varieties of polyphenol, which provides various health benefits. The same polyphenols found in cacao are also the reason for its bitter flavor. The higher the polyphenol varieties found, the more bitter the taste.

In contrast, milk chocolate gets its sweet flavor mainly from pasteurized milk and sugar. you Too much sugar in your system leads to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. The milk can also interfere with the digestion of what little nutrients are left in the cacao. It goes without saying that processed chocolate also has very little healthy cacao involved.


-Type 2 diabetes maintenance: dark chocolate can help stabilize your blood sugar and fat metabolism, resulting in reduced insulin resistance.

Brain health: epicatechin found in dark chocolate can protect your brain by moderating inflammation in your central nervous system, resulting in lowered chances for stroke.

-Heart health: dark chocolate can help lower your risk of heart attack by reducing the clumping of platelets in your arteries and veins.

-Mood enhancer: polyphenols found in dark chocolate can also help reduce anxiety and depression.


Dark chocolate is a healthier option because it contains more cacao.

Cacao nibs offer maximum health benefits because they are not processed at all.

Processed milk chocolate contains plenty of sugar, which is linked to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Consuming small chocolate at frequent intervals to ensure the nutrients are constantly in your bloodstream.