About Evicting Cancer

Evicting Cancer was created to provide a supportive space for you and your loved ones as you traverse the challenging, unfamiliar and often overwhelming terrain created by a cancer diagnosis. It is designed to not only educate and empower you about your illness and treatment choices, but to compassionately show you how to realistically restructure your life to become a very inhospitable host for cancer.  And we do so in a manner that honors your individual needs, intentions and values. Often times, standardized treatment plans inadvertently reduce a patient to a condition being treated, rather than seeing you as a unique and precious being with different needs, strengths, vulnerabilities and beliefs. Cancer coaching with Evicting Cancer gives you a level of personalized support and a scope of services rarely provided by your oncologist who typically offers a different type of expertise and function. Evicting Cancer coaching also helps ensure that you choose the type of treatment that BEST MATCHES your preferred medical model whether that means conventional, integrative or totally natural.

The various coaching options and audio programs of Evicting Cancer all share a foundational understanding that cancer doesn’t have a single cause and thus a single solution. Most often we find it is a condition created over time (most commonly, over many years) during which the body’s NATURAL cancer-fighting abilities have been compromised or over-taxed due to a variety of internal and external factors. Evicting Cancer recognizes that those internal and external factors vary from person to person due to our unique make-up, genetics, and life circumstances. Therefore, while Evicting Cancer utilizes an effective and comprehensive process, it is individualized and paced to match your specific goals, level of health, support system, resources and the degree of engagement you are choosing.

Cancer as a Journey

We also recognize that “the intangible” has a role in the onset, course and outcomes of a cancer journey and we allow space for that as well. A treatment program must include a journey of self-discovery to truly be healing. The heart and the Spirit can access some powerful places and spaces – the likes of which science is just beginning to identify and explore. For some, a cancer diagnosis or reoccurrence appears as a crisis. For others, it serves as a wake up call or as a turning point. In the Chinese language, the word we interpret as crisis is made up of two symbols that together mean “dangerous opportunity”. Amidst all the disrupted dreams and the lifestyle, health and treatment challenges, there are GIFTS waiting to be discovered. If you are willing, Evicting Cancer will help you excavate and explore them.


Through Evicting Cancer coaching you will learn to:

Make the lifestyle and dietary changes necessary to stimulate your body’s innate healing abilities.

Protect your healthy cells from the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Detoxify your inner and outer environments of physical and emotional toxins.

Allow for the most authentic self-expression and meaningful living.

Release and/or resolve past hurts or trauma that may have contributed to dis-ease.

Decrease stress levels and move out of fear.

Engage the support of your loved ones in ways that works for everyone.

Resume your life with greater consciousness, choice and empowerment.



Evicting Cancer is for you if you are willing and ready to:

Be pro-active in your care.

Explore how to significantly shift the cancer odds in your favor.

Embark on a true healing journey engaging your mind and heart along with your body.

Use this “crisis” as an opportunity to make new choices in your life.

Apply psychological and spiritual principles that have been shown to strongly impact cancer outcomes.

Be supported on a journey that will stretch, challenge, nurture and guide you to heal on many levels.


Susi Roos

RN, M.Div.

Susi Roos, RN, M.Div., created Evicting Cancer when, after working for 6 years at a well-known cancer treatment center, she realized that conventional cancer care as often practiced in the U.S. not only was very brutal on a person’s body, heart and life but also had very poor long-term success rates. Aided by decades of experience in holistic healthcare, she spent several years researching conventional and integrative cancer care in the United States and around the world. What she found simultaneously astonished, disturbed and excited her. Evicting Cancer is her forum to not only share these findings with you but to show you how to use them in life changing- and quite possibly, life-saving ways.



E nvironmental Upgrades

V itamins, Minerals, Enzymes and other supplements

I mmune-boosting measures

C lean up the body (detoxification)

T umor-Targeted Interventions

C alming the System (stress reduction and management)

A uthentic Living

N utritious Eating

C all on a higher power (spiritual support and healing)

E motional Healing

R aise oxygen and pH levels