About Susi

Who is Susi Roos?

Susi Roos, RN, M.Div., CPCC, is the originator of Evicting Cancer.

She created her services and programs after watching hundreds of patients struggle through conventional cancer treatment without ever being taught their own role (and power) in helping their bodies recover from cancer and/or preventing it from coming back. She does far more than show people how to enhance the results of conventional treatment while decreasing side effects. Susi takes people by the hand (and heart) and guides them to turn their cancer challenges into true healing journeys- whether they are choosing conventional care or seeking a more integrative or even non-toxic approach.

As a professional cancer coach, a nurse and a mind-body specialist, Susi is uniquely qualified to do this.

Susi has been a registered nurse for over 40 years with 25 of those in the field of holistic medicine. Her earlier years of emergency room nursing taught her a strong respect for the effectiveness of emergency acute care medicine. Simultaneously, however, she discovered the limitations of a medical model that frequently treats symptoms without identifying or addressing root causes or prevention

That’s when she turned to more holistic healing models. These studies, which took her to many places around the world, taught her the total interconnectedness of the body and mind and eventually, the power of our spiritual nature. She learned how we are actually designed to heal and how we often inadvertently hinder that process. More IMPORTANTLY, she learned how to support the innate healing abilities of the body, mind and heart. For many years, Susi worked with general health and wellness challenges.

But all that changed ten years ago, when she began part-time work at a well-known cancer treatment hospital in roles incorporating her nursing, mind-body and energy medicine trainings. It was there that she began to see first-hand the high costs and relatively low long-term successes of conventional cancer treatment despite excellent care. Susi eventually realized it was due to the fact that most patients were not taught how to rebuild their immune systems and how to protect their healthy cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Perhaps as IMPORTANT was witnessing the devastating effects of stress, fear, confusion, withheld emotions and helplessness on patients, their caregivers and on the actual treatment outcomes.

It was at this point that she made a commitment to apply all of her training to supporting those with cancer. At the same time, she expanded her own knowledge by studying and meeting with integrative medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, nutritionists, psychotherapists and others with various types of expertise in cancer care. These studies not only took her around the country but also to Mexico, Switzerland and Germany and culminated with her certification as a professional cancer coach. In addition, Susi received certification as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and as a raw food educator. Both of these trainings further help her support her clients on their healing journeys. Her individual and group services and her audio programs give you the benefit of her training, experience and commitment.

Let yourself be embraced by Susi’s passion as well as compassion and wisdom. Let her guide you through the frightening, often overwhelming and confusing world of cancer and cancer treatment. Let her help you turn what might be the greatest challenge of your life into your most profound healing journey.



E nvironmental Upgrades

V itamins, Minerals, Enzymes and other supplements

I mmune-boosting measures

C lean up the body (detoxification)

T umor-Targeted Interventions

C alming the System (stress reduction and management)

A uthentic Living

N utritious Eating

C all on a higher power (spiritual support and healing)

E motional Healing

R aise oxygen and pH levels