#1: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Side Effects of Chemo / Radiation

Have You Done Chemo / Radiation? Welcome to our 6-Part Series!…
December 27, 2016
#2 Why Must You Detoxify After Completing Chemotherapy and Radiation?
January 6, 2017

Since over 650,000 Americans get chemotherapy every year, this is the first in a series of 6 consecutive articles designed to identify some of the challenges associated with chemotherapy and radiation and provide measures that you can take to protect yourself from them and minimize those that occur.

I also want to show you how to aid, amplify and accelerate recovery from the toxic effects of chemo and radiation after your treatment is over.  To this end, I am very excited to introduce you to a new live event I will be holding, which powerfully guides, you step-by-step, through this essential healing process.  I will be sharing more about that soon but, in this moment, keep reading to learn 5 ways you can help yourself or your loved right now – especially if you are currently in treatment or recently completed it.

chemotherapyIf you are doing or have done chemotherapy it’s because you and your doctor feel it is your best option in healing from or slowing down the progression of your cancer.  As you already know, chemotherapy and radiation are double-edged swords that must be wielded very carefully.  Yes, they do kill cancer cells. However, (and there is no way around this fact) chemotherapy and radiation, in the doses typically used, are toxic to your healthy cells as well.  Certain cells – your more rapidly dividing ones are most susceptible. Your blood cells, hair cells and the lining of your stomach are all rapidly dividing cells- which is why low red blood cells counts, low immune cells counts, low platelet counts (the cells that help your blood clot normally), nausea, vomiting, indigestion, weakness, and fatigue are so common.

The effects of radiation are somewhat dependent on what area of the body is receiving the radiation and those effects can also be somewhat predicted.

A change of subjects for a moment… If you were going on a business trip to a place that you know is in the midst of its rainy season- wouldn’t you prepare for it accordingly? Wouldn’t you pack an umbrella, some type of rain gear, maybe even rain boots if you knew you were going to do a lot of walking?  Wouldn’t you even bring extra clothes or the quick drying type?  And maybe throw some good immune boosting supplements into your travel kit?

My point is when you create a plan that addresses what you know is going to happen, you can minimize those undesired but often unavoidable effects while they are happening.  You can also be proactive in speeding up or improving your recovery from them when the challenging circumstance is over. 

Yet so few people are taught or guided to do this when planning, starting or completing chemotherapy and/or radiation.    And frankly I don’t understand this.  We have nutrients, tools and protocols that have been proven to either help protect us from the undesirable effects or minimize them and then help us recover faster.

That is why I do what I do.  When working with people who are utilizing chemotherapy and/or radiation, I show them how to minimize or sometime avoid debilitating side effects and when treatment is over, how to jumpstart a healing process.

We are kind of led to believe that time will take care of the damage but that is kind of like saying that if you leave a broken bone alone, time will heal it.  And it is true, that most bones will find a way to knit together without much help but there is a really good chance that without setting it properly and immobilizing it, it will take a lot longer and won’t grow together straight, interfering with optimal usage and comfort in the future.

Would you consider allowing yourself or a loved one to not have their bone set and immobilized so it could heal in the best way possible?  And if it were immobilized for a significant amount of time, would you hesitate to do physical therapy to recover your strength and flexibility as quickly, safely and effectively as is achievable?

Yet, most of us are not taught to support and protect our bodies during chemotherapy and radiation and then maximize recovery when it is over.

Let me give you 5 tips that can help you or your loved one right now.  These are but a small sampling of the types of simple, effective, safe, natural and potent measures I teach and use – in private practice and in my upcoming weeklong ReVitalize U™ immersion week, designed to help you safely detoxify and recover from the toxic effects of chemo and radiation – AFTER you have completed treatment.

gingerGinger is very effective in reducing chemo-induced nausea.  It is best to use fresh ginger.  You can cut a ½ -1 inch piece, steep in boiling water for 10 minutes to make a fresh ginger tea. You can also cut a thin slice and actually simply chew on it.  Already prepared teabags of organic ginger tea can be effective as can natural ginger ale (not the stuff that you find in cans at your typical grocery store


sesame oilSesame Seed Oil: Low platelet counts can be improved by simply placing one tablespoon of sesame seed oil on your arm and rubbing it in, allowing it to absorb through your skin. Do this twice a day. The skin is a great way to allow substances to be taken into the body. It is called a transdermal route and is used for certain medications, and natural substances including essential oils. It’s also why you want to avoid putting toxic lotions, sunscreens and more on your body.  You can also use 1-2 tablespoons of sesame seed oil in your smoothie or on your salad.

blue green algaeBlue-Green Algaes including spirulina and chlorella, have been shown to reduce heavy metals and radiation in the body. They have chemoprotective and radioprotective effects.  Blue green algae and phytoplanktons are also huge oxygen producers, which have an extremely neutralizing and healing effect on any type of acidic environment – which radiation definitely creates (and one cancer loves and thrives in).


astragalus herbAstragalus: This is a Chinese herb that has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and has now caught on in Western herbology. Astragalus is very beneficial for those who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments in order to boost their immune systems. In addition, it is what is called an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body to adapt to stresses and can be used long-term without side effects.


benzonite clayBentonite Clay: was known by the Sioux Indians as  ‘the mud that heals”. Bentonite clay can effectively remove the toxic byproducts of radiation therapy from the body. This weird-sounding practice has actually been used by the U.S. army to protect against many types of chemical warfare.  In my upcoming ReVitalize U™ detox program, we use it too.

There are so many ways to support your body during and after chemotherapy and radiation.  These five tips are literally just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do to restore strength, vitality, immune functioning, normal blood counts, healthier skin and so much more.  And equally important is supporting your body in becoming as inhospitable an environment to the presence, return or progression of cancer.

In an upcoming article we will focus on what to do to minimize and recover from what many people call Chemobrain.

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