Are you feeling stressed and anxious about your cancer diagnosis?

…Perhaps feeling helpless or confused about what YOU can do to shift the cancer odds in your favor?

You CAN learn to take your body and life back from cancer with the guidance of Susi Roos, RN, M.Div, a holistic nurse for over 40 years and cancer coach for more than a decade. Her toolbox includes functional nutrition, raw foods, essential oils, and mind-body energy medicine Distilling years of scientifically-sourced oncology wisdom from integrative oncologists, nutritionists, coaches and researchers, Susi creates this practical live 4 week online program.

This 4-week LIVE program is offered four times a year -
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall!

DATES: Tuesdays -- May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9 -- 7 - 8:30 pm Central

Tuesday, May 12: Want to ensure this program is for you? Come to this empowering FREE webinar provides a map of the Healing Journey plus a Self-Assessment." Register below

Stimulate Your Natural Cancer-Fighting Ability through Foods

This class introduces you to the foods that naturally and powerfully fight cancer while building your immune system. Learn some simple yet fundamental dietary shifts that make a huge difference in your ability to enhance treatment, lessen side effects, improve outcomes and reduce re-occurrences.

Plant-Based Protocols with Essential Oils, Herbs, Mushrooms and More

This class introduces you to many special gifts of the Mother Earth that continue to shift the cancer odds in your favor by interacting with your body on a cellular level. This is a merging of evidenced-based science and ancient wisdom.

Lifestyle Upgrades with Health-Promoting Physical and Emotional Shifts

This class offers self-care measures to ensure your body, heart and mind are working together for healing. Our daily activities, rhythms, thoughts, emotional states and personal histories are collectively aiding or hindering our return to health.

Detoxifying Your Home and Body

In this class, you will be given strategies to protect and support your body’s natural detoxification pathways while learning how to reduce your toxic load. By lessening the sources of external toxins as well internal sources of inflammation and infection, you activate far more of your natural restorative abilities.

Bonus Class

A follow-up live support session and Q/A

“One of Susi’s many gifts is her ability to bridge the worlds of Conventional and Integrative Cancer Treatment…”

MK, 9-year cancer thriver….