Taking Your Life Back From Cancer

Are you feeling stressed and anxious about your cancer diagnosis?

…Perhaps feeling helpless or confused about what YOU can do to shift the cancer odds in your favor?

You CAN learn to take your body and life back from cancer with the guidance of Susi Roos, RN, M.Div, a certified professional cancer coach and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner with over 40 years of nursing experience.

“One of Susi’s many gifts is her ability to bridge the worlds of Conventional and Integrative Cancer Treatment…”

MK, 9-year cancer thriver….

Taking Your Life Back From Cancer

distills years of the scientifically-sourced oncology wisdom of a global community of integrative oncology physicians, nutritionists, coaches and scientists and puts it into a usable live 4-part tele-coaching series.

Mapping the Healing Journey

Discover your natural cancer-fighting resources and how to activate them. Become aware of the many ways you might unknowingly be hindering this process. Identify your unique strengths and vulnerabilities so you can zero in on them.

Stimulate Your Body’s Natural Cancer Fighting Abilities through Food

This class introduces you to the foods that naturally and powerfully fight cancer while building your immune system. Learn some simple yet fundamental dietary shifts that make a huge difference in your ability to enhance treatment, lessen side effects, improve outcomes and reduce re-occurrences.

The Lifestyle Upgrades that give Cancer an Eviction Notice

In this class, you will be introduced to a variety of ways to create inner and outer environments that promote healing. Learn to identify and eliminate many toxins and carcinogens from your external environment. Discover scientifically proven tools for using your mind to stimulate healing in your body.

Detoxing the Body and Mind for Healing

In this class, you will be given strategies to detoxify physical and emotional toxins that both contribute to cancer and hinder its resolution. Detoxification of toxins, chemo and radiation are essential on this journey.

Bonus Class

Putting it all together and Where Do I Go from Here?

Taking Your Life Back From Cancer is:

  • Accessible: no matter where you live and whether you are up for traveling even across town or not. Listen and participate right from your own home.

  • Affordable: save hundreds of dollars of individual appointment fees to gather and gain much lifesaving and enhancing material.

  • Implementable: all the information in the world doesn’t help unless you are able to implement it in a meaningful way that works for you. Coaching as well as group support is built into the program.

  • Empowering and educational: When you understand more about the impact of your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and emotional climate, you can make far more informed, serving and empowered choices.

  • Complimentary: what you learn in this program will enhance conventional cancer treatment and allow you to be an active part of your healing process.

  • Expandable: though a complete course in itself, you will be introduced to options if you want continued support

  • Physician endorsed: Doctors not only want the best outcomes but the best journey for their patients. Because this program supports this intention and compliments their expertise, many physicians refer their patients to this program.

Even the most mainstream cancer associations acknowledge the need for more than attacking cancer cells with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Did you know that:

The American Cancer Society confirms that only 5% -10% of all cancers are genetically inherited. Lifestyle and diet contribute to the other 90% and significantly impact cancer-related health and outcomes.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) “healthy eating habits are important during cancer treatment. Nutrition therapy helps cancer patients.” The NCI further states that patients who are well nourished seem to have a better prognosis and quality of life.