#2 Why Must You Detoxify After Completing Chemotherapy and Radiation?

#1: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Side Effects of Chemo / Radiation
January 2, 2017
# 3 What is “CHEMO-BRAIN? And what can you do?
January 13, 2017

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detox programsDetox programs are being promoted everywhere these days; on-line, in your chiropractor’s office, in the health food stores and even on celebrity shows…

Everywhere, that is, except in your oncologist’s office.

While there are some people simply trying to cash in on a popular trend, there really is a need to assist our bodies’ built-in detoxification systems. Even without the added burden of chemotherapy, radiation and the presence of cancer, it is difficult for all but the healthiest bodies to effectively deal with the growing number of toxins to which we are exposed.

Food toxins, environmental toxins, increased usage of medications, polluted water, pesticides, dirty electricity, chemtrails, dangerous chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care and cleaning products, carcinogenic sunscreens, vaccinations etc. are at an unimaginable all time high.  The recent testing of the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies shows that they are entering this world with over 200 toxins already in their tiny bodies!

Chemotherapy adds a whole new level of toxins into the body, as does cancer itself.  And if you’ve had a lymph node dissection in which a substantial number of lymph nodes have been surgically removed, your detoxification system takes yet another hit. Your lymph system is involved in waste removal along with its important role as part of your immune system.  A sluggish lymph system is akin to having your municipal garbage collectors going on strike for several weeks.

Radiation damages cells and increases toxicity in the body. And if your chemotherapy and radiation have or are working, the elimination of dead (yet still toxic) cancer cells is also necessary for optimal healing to occur.

what is detox?But what exactly is detoxification? 

Detoxification is the final expulsion of waste materials through the various excretory organs. Detoxification takes place in the human body continually from birth throughout life. Your body is in a constant process of self-renewal. Old cells are constantly being broken down, renewed or replaced. Every biochemical activity in the body- including turning your food into fuel- uses energy and creates waste. Some of these waste products are harmless and easily flushed out of the body.  Others require a well-nourished and finely tuned multi-organ system to be rendered non-toxic and escorted out of the body.  With all the external toxins in our food and environment, our organs of detoxification and excretion (liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, colon and lymphatic system) are working harder than ever to keep up with the demand. Plus these organs are also susceptible to damage from the toxins themselves.  Did you know that frequent Tylenol usage is the number one cause of liver failure in this country? And I’m sure you were informed about the potential damage to your heart, liver, kidneys etc from certain types of chemotherapy and radiation.

Exercise, sweating, drinking lots of clean water, eating plenty of vegetables and low glycemic fruits and getting plenty of both soluble and insoluble fiber are all ways we assist our natural detoxification pathways on a daily basis. And while these measures are essential, they are not enough when you’ve introduced chemotherapy and/or radiation, steroids, hormone blockers, and other medications into your body. And since your immune and digestive systems take a hit from chemo and radiation, there may be additional toxins in the form of more undesirable pathogens gaining entry into your body.

Now all this might sound quite depressing but the good news is your body can be well supported in maximizing its amazing built-in detoxification mechanisms.  There are supplements, super foods, and natural substances and interventions to nourish the organs of detoxification and enhance the actual detoxification system and process.

Five Simple but Effective Detoxification Enhancing Interventions

1. A glass of water with the juice of ½-1 lemon every morning to support the kidneys

2. 2 minutes on a rebounder or mini-trampoline will flush the entire lymphatic system while increasing the number of circulating natural killer cells (immune cells that directly kill cancer)

3. Drinking a cup or 2 of dandelion tea will support the liver

4. Add a tablespoon of flax seeds and psyllium hulls to your salads or smoothies will help sweep debris out of the colon

5. A twenty-minute hot bath with 1-2 cups of Epsom salts and baking soda will help eliminate toxins through your skin, which is actually the largest organ of detoxification in the body.

There are so many common herbs and foods, like parsley, ginger and cilantro as well as less familiar ones like seaweed, bentonite clay and burdock root that are part of a comprehensive program to detoxify your body of chemotherapy, radiation, dead cancer cells, pathogens, excess estrogen, heavy metals and environmental toxins.

In my upcoming Revitalize U™ live weeklong immersion program, I walk you through a step by step process of detoxification from chemo and radiation while flooding your body with easy-to-assimilate nutrients that are essential for healing and the renewal of energy, immune function and physical and emotional wellbeing.  If you have completed either or both of these cancer treatment regimes, it’s time to take your healing process to the next level.  It’s time to take another critical step in evicting cancer from your body and life.

To learn more, visit: https://evictingcancer.com/radiance/revitalize-utm-event/.

And stay tuned for my next article, which discusses the reality of chemobrain and what you can do about it.

revitalize-u-copy-2P.S. Please forward this series of articles to anyone you know who is doing or has completed chemotherapy and/or radiation.  This could be life-enhancing, or even life-saving information.

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