10 Primary Intentions of Cancer Coaching

Cancer Coaching with Susi Roos, RN, M.Div.

Certified Professional Cancer Coach

Coaching is NOT designed to magically cure you of cancer. It is designed to put you in the best condition and position for regaining health. Cancer coaching takes a client on a journey of healing – not only with regards to evicting cancer from your body and life but for creating the means for richer, healthier and more conscious living. Coaching lets you take your power back by being able to look at the bigger picture and make more informed choices that are congruent with your values, beliefs and goals. It helps you identify your unique challenges, strengths and needs so we can create a strategy and plan that brings healing to your heart, life and spirit as well as your body. This creates a resiliency to not only support the greatest outcomes, but also to deal with setbacks, to surrender to what is and to cultivate the greatest peace as you deal with the unknowns and changes inherent in this particular journey.

The 10 Primary Intentions of Cancer Coaching are to:

  1. Educate you on treatment choices that can be used with, in addition to or in replacement of conventional oncology care – depending of course, on what you are seeking
  2. Provide you with an advocate and teach you how to better advocate for yourself
  3. Show you how to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
  4. Explain how to lessen the side effects of conventional care and from the cancer itself
  5. Stimulate your immune function, which is your body’s major defense against cancer
  6. Provide clear dietary guidelines that you can live with that help you become an inhospitable host for cancer, increase your energy, and encourage natural healing
  7. Demonstrate how to safely detoxify your body from the effects of both living and dying cancer cells, medication, treatment and environmental toxins; toxins that may have contributed to cancer’s onset in the first place
  8. Teach easily applicable stress management techniques and other ways to access the power of the mind for healing and for creating greater peace and possibility
  9. Help you create or reestablish a rich meaningful life while dealing with cancer and upon remission; all the while helping navigate the unraveling of dreams and the re-weaving them with greater intent and consciousness
  10. Guide you into creating or deepening a more loving relationship with yourself, your significant others, something greater than self (if open) and the sacredness of all of life.*

*(We harness the power of the heart and spirit – the power of love for healing)