10 Reasons to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils occupy prime real estate in my medicine cabinet and home and those of my clients and their families because the constituents of these high quality essential oils:

1. Are Natural and safe

2. Can effectively replace the need for many OTC or prescribed medications

3. Allow us to be pro-active in resolving our heath challenges

4. Help our bodies detoxify and our major organs function better

5. Shift moods into more positive, stress-free and/or productive states

6. Provide non-toxic cleaning and personal care products, something essential for allowing our bodies to heal and/or maintain health

7. Have been shown, in hundreds of studies, to have powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammation effects

8. Balance hormones and blood sugar

9. Improve energy, circulation, immune function and painful conditions

10. Effectively address the side effects of conventional cancer care

3 Reasons I use doTERRA®Essential Oils


1. DoTERRA®’s oils are very high-quality, and are sustainably grown and harvested in indigenous regions around the globe where specific oils have been thusly harvested for hundreds or thousands of years.


2. Every liter of oil that bears the doTERRA® name goes through rigorous comprehensive 3rd party quality control testing to ensure their purity, potency and consistency. You can even go on-line and check the test results of the very liter from which your own bottles were derived.


3. DoTERRA’s® mission to improve the lives and healthcare delivery system of people all around the world while empowering them with non-toxic ways to pro-actively support our innate abilities to heal, matches the mission of Evicting Cancer.


Start using Essential Oils

I use these beautiful gifts of the Earth every day to create and maintain a healthy body, mind and home environment. Based on all the science (both ancient and cutting-edge research), I also guide my clients in using them as an integral part of their cancer-healing journey. Want to try a free essential oil sample? Want to learn how they can support your health goals? Want to learn how you can get them at wholesale?

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