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support you can make all the difference.


As a certified professional cancer coach, a mind-body specialist and a registered nurse for over 35 year, I help create better outcomes as you learn to take your body and life back from cancer.
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What My Clients say:

As someone who has battled both breast and uterine cancers in the past two years, I can speak to the wide array of emotions that course through one’s being as you go through the journey. I was fortunate enough to meet Susi in the very beginning of this long journey, and I am not sure that I would have come through as well as I have, without her.

Susi allowed me to explore my fears, and empowered me with the realization that I was in control of my fight. She taught me, in a way that I could understand, the science of what I was expereincing, and she educated me as to what options were available to me, besides the conventional treaments my doctors were offering. Understanding what was transpiring in my body, mind and spirit, grounded me with knowledge, that helped me make decisions that were educated and true to my needs, rather than from fear and ignorance. Nutrition, stress reduction, daily priorities,forgiveness, inner peace, are only a short list of the tools I recieved. She never judged, pushed, or doubted my thoughts, questions, and fears. Instead, she listened with her mind and her heart, and gently guided me to my own enlightenment. She saw strength in me when I saw none, she saw beauty when I saw horror. She saw love, when I saw hate.

The work that Susi did with me, allowed me to fight with grace, and self respect. I am in remission, I am happy, and I am proud. And I have Susi to thank, for her patience, love and knowledge, which allowed me to survive, and heal.

Thank you Susi, with all my heart.

Susan C, Human Resource Specialist, Chicago IL

I will take you by the hand
and compassionately guide you on


How to tap into and amplify the natural cancer-fighting, healing abilities of your body

The key questions you must always ask in order to make the right treatment choices for yourself

How to maximize the results of conventional care while lessening side effects

What to do and where to go if you are seeking proven non-toxic, integrative cancer treatment

How to use the immense power of your mind and heart to change your DNA expression

Ways to decrease the stress and actually experience authentic moments of peace

Effective, personalized strategies to create a lifestyle that fosters healing

How to put together a team of healthcare professionals and caregivers that truly support you.

Discovering new strengths and possibilities

Birthing a more empowered you!


Whether you are choosing conventional, integrative or alternative treatment, long-term success requires a whole person, whole life approach. Through Evicting Cancer, we create this approach, step by step, at the pace and to the depth you are willing to go.

Let me help
turn your cancer challenge
into a healing journey through
compassionate, comprehensive care that
harnesses your innate self-regenerating abilities
to evict cancer from your body and life.

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